About Us

Arendoo is a constantly growing community of likeminded travellers, keen to share their properties and the places they know best with those who seek more than just a hotel room.

 As a peer to peer marketplace, Arendoo allows owners to list their available spaces, villas, homes, houses, apartments and castles and offers them to travellers searching for special, different and great value places to stay.   

 Arendoo connects owners and guests securely across Europe, enabling easy multicultural interaction without uncertainty or financial risk. Cutting edge tech fuels our bespoke platform and creates a securely protected environment for all who use it.

 The founders of Arendoo are experienced property professionals who understand the pitfalls of letting property, whilst being dedicated to delivering the optimal travelling experience.  

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Mai mult de 15.000 membridin 23 de țări

Mai mult de 15.000 membri
din 23 de țări

Proprietăți în 11 țări

Proprietăți în 11 țări

Proprietăți și oferte noiîn fiecare zi 

Proprietăți și oferte noi
în fiecare zi 

10 000+ comentarii

10 000+ comentarii